Volunteer of the month

Doing nothing for others is the
undoing of ourselves


Bakiraj Venkatachalam

Bakiraj Venkatachalam is energetic and passionate about bringing a positive change in the society. He is involved in various initiatives to support 40 children in “Helping Hearts” who have lost loved ones and need care and education. His smile, simplicity and great attitude brings lot of positive energy into our organization.All pragathi volunteers greatly appreciate Bakiraj for his hard work and support. A special thanks to His wife Sukanya and beautiful daughter Tanya.

Shekar Dodly

The Pragathi Volunteer of the Month for September 2015 goes to Shekar Dodly. He tirelessly worked from last 3 months in helping the Pragathi Set Up and also promoting Pragathi Activities. He enrolled many students in Pragathi Hindusthani Keyboard and Chess activities and inspired me and other volunteers. He also volunteers and organize activities in Best Runners which is focused on building a Healthy Society, Hindu Temple of Virginia and Jeeyar Educational Trust. He runs and motivate people to get up from the couch and bed to run. We proudly say that he is inspiration for Pragathi.