Pragathi Vidyalaya

Pragathi Vidyalaya conducts Indian cultural and
heritage classes in the USA.


Pragathi Vidyalaya conducts Indian cultural and heritage classes in the USA. All our art teachers, LEGO instructors and chess coaches are paid for their services.

The funds raised are used to pay to our respected art gurus and teachers, and the remaining will be used to conduct charitable services both in the USA and in India.

Pragathi Services
• Educating and empowering blind, tribal and poor students using the latest technology and providing lodging, boarding and clothing.
• Transforming the lives of autistic students in various parts of India by providing financial and educational assistance.
• Providing financial assistance to seniors and to people who are undergoing surgeries.

Classes are conducted every Sunday from Sept 10, 2023 to June 2024.

Kings Indian Chess

The Kings Indian Chess club ( is part of Pragathi Vidyalaya. The purpose of the club is to provide a place and opportunity for students to play, enjoy, and promote chess into the community. Students will learn various rules and movements about chess. There is no membership issued in this club. Club is mainly focused on classes for beginners and intermediate during school year. All classes are conducted in group sessions at county public schools by a USCF certified chess coach. Individual sessions are also available upon request.

Our faculty

Pragathi USA has well-experienced and talented faculty members that are experts in developing the talents of kids and elders. Whether it is chess, musical arts, or instruments, our faculty will work very closely with them and constantly inspire and motivate them to generate positive energy.